Autumn - Ease into Fall

Easing into Fall – 5 ways to make it great!

Labor Day weekend is here, and for most, it means the end of summer and the beginning of fall.

For those that love the hot weather, it’s a sad time as we know the days get shorter, the temperatures drop, and winter is just around the corner. We hold on to each day of summer like it’s the last!

For others, this is the best time of year. Cooler days and brisk nights mean bring on the pumpkin spice, warm sweaters, bonfires and snuggling up in your favorite lounging clothes.

Regardless of which side of the tracks you are on, here are some great ways to slowly ease out of summer and work into fall so you can enjoy all that the change of seasons has to offer.

Take advantage of the weather

There will still be some great – even hot weather this year but we will also start to see many days where temperatures are cooler than we’ve been used to. Don’t fret -this is actually the best time to take advantage of your surroundings. Explore a local hiking trail, go to the zoo, or visit a pumpkin farm. It’s not so hot and you’d get so much more enjoyment from your adventure. Every community has so many fun and unique things to do, and the weather is optimal to take advantage of them. You’ll probably find new and exciting places you never even knew about.

Buy something new for the season

A new sweater, a cute pair of shoes, or some really great pajamas can make fall just a little more exciting. Fall fashions are everywhere and you’ll look forward to wearing your new digs and participating in autumn activities. Plus, you’ll be just that much more stylish doing so!

Cook, cook, cook

A plethora of fall produce makes for amazing meals. ‘Tis the season for soup, stews, and baking! Head out to your local farmers market or produce stand and pick up some fresh ingredients that you can turn into some great dinners and desserts. Squash, cabbage, beets, turnips, and apples are in abundance and just waiting to be turned into your next delicious creation.

Give Mother Nature her kudos

In many parts of the country, Mother Nature puts on a spectacular show as the leaves change from green to red, orange, yellow and purple. Make a day of it. Get the family in the car and take a drive to wooded and rural areas where you can take in the stunning beauty that defines fall. Don’t forget to take lots of pictures! Friends and family living in parts of the country that don’t get to witness the phenomenon will be super envious!

Decorate your home

Whether you plant fall flowers like mums, or bring out fall decor to adorn your home, the true colors of fall will definitely help you embrace the season and everything it has to offer. Another great thing to do is to involve your kids in fall craft projects. They can harness their creative sides and you’ll have some life long art that you can display for years to come.


The transition is here and whether you’re a “yay” or a “nay” these fun ideas will help you get the most out of each day.

Happy Fall!


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blogimage dormready8100

Get Dorm Ready With The Coziest Dorm Room Ever

As summer slowly fades into fall, we welcome the beautiful transition with autum leaves, a crisp breeze and pumpkin spice lattes. But the seasons arent the only thing transitioning because it’s time for wide-eyed freshmens to move into their college dorm! Heading off to college is a huge milestone, and while the anticipation of this new chapter is exciting, having a little tension about the change is completely natural. 


The prospect of finally living on your own is exciting, but what about the comforts you love at home? For many, moving from home to a college dorm is a difficult transition. 


We’re here to help you get dorm ready with the coziest dorm room ever. In fact–your parents will want to crash at your place because it’ll be so inviting! 

Pile on the Cozy Details

Truth is, you are going to spend a lot of hours in your bed during your college years, so let’s pile on the cozy details. Not only do throw pillows add layers of comfort to your bed, they add a personal touch that elevates the coziness of your dorm room. The final touch to your ultra comfy bed setup is blankets. Is there anything more cozy than your favorite fluffy blanket? Put a wicker basket next to your bed and stock it with fuzzy, cozy, fluffy blankets varying in weight and size. After a day of exams, retreat to the dorm and snuggle up inside a cozy blanket. Don’t forget to slip into your coziest slippers the second you walk into your dorm room.

Personalize Your Wall Decor

Say goodbye to drab white walls that lack personality and comfort. One of the most creative and fun dorm room ideas is to decorate your walls with reflections of what you love. Hang a tapestry on one wall for a pop of color and a dramatic backdrop to the cloud of comfort that is your bed. Or, get creative and curate a wall collage including magazine pictures, poloroids of your friends and family, inspirational quotes, photos of your furry friend at home, and band posters.

Decorating your walls creates an inviting space that feels like home, because you’ve got all of your favorite things surrounding you. When home sickness sets in, simply look at the walls to find refuge in the things you love most.

Stay Stylishly Organized

An organized space means a happy and peaceful state of mind, which will ultimately help you stay focused and perform your best. It’s no secret that dorm rooms are typically small, which is why it’s crucial to keep things organized. College is a period of life with high academic and social pressure, so you don’t need clutter adding any stress to your life. Achieve feng shui in your safe haven by minimizing clutter that is proven to drain you of positive energy. Think of moving into your dorm as a fresh start, and in the words of organizational guru, Marie Kondo, only keep things that “spark joy.” Additionally, incorporate organizational items like woven baskets, storage containers and bins to keep your space clean, organized, and full of zen.

Devote an Area of Your Dorm To Cozy Time

Even in the most intimate dorm room quarters, you can carve a space devoted exclusively to cozy time. That corner by the closet? Throw a bean bag and fluffy rug down and make it your reading nook. Got room by the window? It’s begging for floor pillows and throw blankets; make this space your nap zone between classes. Don’t forget to bring your coziest pajamas for those power naps and cram sessions.


An added bonus of delegating a small area of your dorm room to cozy time is that both you and your roommate can benefit from it, though it might be hard not to fight over it because it’s going to be oozing with coziness.

Get Your Zen On

Speaking of cozy vibes, create the ultimate dorm room sanctuary by bringing in elements that are uplifting and make you feel good. Forage the campus for flowers and greenery to freshen up your dorm room. Add a diffuser to your desk and stock up on essential oils to fill the air with reinvigorating aromas. Light candles during those late night study sessions and add a string of lights to the wall to brighten up your space. Add succulents or plants that don’t require a lot of attention, but enrich the room with life and oxygen. These little touches will turn your dorm room into a cozy retreat that fosters focus and productivity.

boxer royalsilvermodels

The Ultimate Dorm Room Essential – Cozy Pajamas

Chances are you’re going to spend a lot of time in your pajamas, so they might as well be super cozy. Pajamas are a token of comfort, and you likely spent lazy Sundays and weeknights in your pj’s at home, so be sure to bring this dorm room essential for instant comfort. 


Whether you’re snuggling up to a cup of coffee for a netflix binge, studying with friends or strolling the dorm halls in your comfy slippers, comfortable pajamas are a key ingredient to help you get dorm ready.


There you have it! With these dorm room ideas, you’ll have an inviting sanctuary that’s as cozy as home.


Checking your list of unexpected things to bring to college? Perhaps you’re shopping for things to buy for a college freshmen? Pajamas are a great gift and just so happen to be one of the top dorm room essentials! Stock up on cozy pj’s from our dorm ready pajama collection.


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Fun Family Activities to Savor the Rest of Summer


It’s summertime which means the kids are home and looking for fun things to do. With the warm weather and long days, summer is the perfect time to get outside and play. 


Before Autumn comes knocking, we’ve got you covered with bundles of fun because each one of these summer family activities are easy to do, full of fun, and sure to create lasting memories. So, grab your sun hats and flip flops and get ready to savor the rest of summer with fun activities for the whole family. Laughter included!

Create an Activity Hub at Home

Where do all the best ideas come from? Perhaps they blossom from dinner-table conversations, or maybe your family bonds in the backyard? Well, having a central hub in your home will help invite and stimulate fun activities. Designate a loft, playroom or area of your home that’s warm and inviting. It’s here that you can slow down, kick back and have quality time together. The best part about creating this space is that you can turn it into a fun family project. Take votes on which area of the home should be the official family hub, and let the kids chime in with what they want in that space. Bring in fresh summer wildflowers, some of their favorite toys, and stimulating activities like board games and art supplies. 


Bonus Tip: Make the family hub a no-tech zone, that way when you are all together for family time, no distractions take any of you out of the moment.

Transform Your Yard into a Waterpark

For those extra hot days, all you need is a hose, sprinklers or an inflatable pool to cool off. Kids love playing and splashing around in the water, so show them how easy it is to do that in your own backyard. Whether you buy a Slip N Slide, turn on all the sprinklers, or have a full-fledged water gun fight, playing in the water is a fun way to cool off and laugh uncontrollably. 

Pick Fresh Summer Flowers

Summertime is the best time of the year to get outside and explore. Bring the outside in and fill your home with the sweet scent of summer with some freshly picked wildflowers. Natural treasures are blooming all around you just waiting to be collected. Go for a stroll through your neighborhood or local park and pick a fresh bouquet of wildflowers. Forage beneath fallen trees for accent leaves and wild greens. You can each pick flowers to make a grand bouquet, or you can each customize your own bouquets. Once you’ve got your unique creations, scatter them throughout the home (don’t forget to add them to the family hub). 

Indulge Your Sweet Tooth

Who doesn’t love cold treats during summertime? Take the kids for an ice cream outing, or get crafty and make homemade ice cream. Hello, pinterest! There’s no shortage of fruity and fresh ice cream recipes online. But, if you’ve got a craving for a specific flavor, an ice cream run is always a fun and refreshing idea, especially if you live in a warm or humid climate. Take turns once a week allowing each member of the family to choose where they want to go. From frozen yogurt, ice cream parlors to shaved ice stands, cold treats are sure to keep you cool all summer long.

Have a Sunny Picnic at your Favorite Spot

Whether you live at the beach, in the mountains or in the desert, flora and fauna thrive nearby. Pack up sandwiches, fresh fruit, and refreshments and head to your nearest nature preserve or sunny haven to have a picnic. Tote along a football, frisbee, or deck of cards to turn your picnic into a full-fledged sporting event. Wherever your picnic takes you, fun is sure to follow!

Go On A Scavenger Hunt in Your Neighborhood or Town

Not only is a scavenger hunt an exciting event for the kids, but it’s a fun way to get better acquainted with your neck of the woods. Turn your scavenger hunt into a nature walk by adding items to the list that draw from your environment. Live in a wooded area? Add pinecones to the list. Live by the beach? Challenge the kids to find a purple seashell or washed up shark egg. Live in a big city? There are endless options at your fingertips! A scavenger hunt is a creative and unique way to enjoy a long summer day or night outside together.


Lazy summer days have a way of reconnecting us with life’s lovely simplicities. Take the opportunity to show your kids that there are endless ways to have fun without technology. Not only will this promote family time, but it’ll enhance their creativity. Simple activities like blowing bubbles, playing hide and seek, having a relay race or throwing a frisbee are great ways to unplug and engage with one another. There’s no substitute for pure, good old fashioned fun, and unplugging is the first step to living it up with your family. Giggles guaranteed!

Have a Pajama Party

Those fun-filled summer days are sure to lead to exhausted summer nights. Well, that’s the perfect time to have a pajama party! Stock up on snacks, popcorn and your favorite treats with a family pajama night. Best part? The options are endless. Have a movie marathon in your coziest summer pajamas. Tie your pajama party into a cupcake party and spend the evening baking delicious sweet treats in your pj’s. Take out your favorite board games and play the night away. Cozy up with the family in your summer pajamas for endless laughter and quality time. From summer florals to short sets and onesies, we’ve got pajamas for the whole family!


Whether you stretch your legs and explore the great outdoors this summer, or bring summer inside with fresh flowers and a pajama party, there’s plenty of fun family activities to enjoy this summer. Get ready for lots of laughter, quality time and unforgettable memories!


Can’t get enough summer fun? From recipes to staycation ideas, browse the blog for more summer activities for the entire family!


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Casual Summer Wardrobe Essentials

Summer is in full swing and with the rising temps, sunny blue skies, sandy toes and watercolor sunsets we welcome fun outings, social events and lazy beach days. Summertime is a chance to let loose, relax and unwind in the glory of eternal sunshine. That’s why it’s the perfect time of year to bring out the lightweight linen, soft cotton and casual summer accessories. Simply your routine with these easy to wear, casual summer essentials.


If you’re ready to build the ultimate summer wardrobe, read on for our must-have items that’ll keep you cool, stylish and ultra-relaxed all summer long.

A Stylish Sun Hat

With the sun out in all its glory, ultraviolet rays are a real threat to our skin. That’s why you need a go-to sunhat to throw in your bag wherever your summer takes you. Whether you’re lounging poolside with a cold refreshment, hiking a new trail or soaking up the sun at the beach, a sunhat is a summer essential. Not only do summer hats keep the sun out of your face, but they add a stylish flare to your wardrobe. For luxe vibes, choose a wide brimmed straw hat. For a sharp, tailored look, throw on a Panama hat and wrap your favorite scarf around it to personalize your look.

Your Favorite Summer Nightshirt

The key to building a summer wardrobe is to pick versatile pieces that you can wear in multiple ways. Hello, summernightshirt! Wear a neutral or pastel sleeveless or collared nightshirt as is, or tie a woven belt around the waist to accentuate your silhouette. We love nightshirts because you have the option to dress them up or down. Pair your favorite summer nightshirt with faded jeans and strappy sandals for a casual summer outfit, or dress it up with espadrilles and statement jewelry for those warm summer nights.


A summer nightshirt is great for lounging around at home during a summer staycation, or packing for a summer vacation in the tropics. Either way, the versatility and breezy aesthetic of nightshirts make them one of our top summer wardrobe essentials.
thecats prettyinpinksleeveless life

We absolutely love this luxe sleeveless nightshirt from The Cat’s Pajamas!


A Silky Summer Robe

Lazy summer days call for lots of R&R, self-care and time spent lounging in a hammock with your favorite iced cold drink. Enjoy long summer afternoons cozied up at home catching up on your summer reading list, reading in a shaded nook, or sipping cucumber water in a silky smooth summer robe. 

thecats georgiarobe life

Our Recipe for Ultimate Summer Lounging: 


  1. Make your favorite summer drink
  2. Slip into your favorite silky summer robe. 
  3. Camp out in your favorite spot. It could be the couch, or under a shaded oak tree where you can hear birds chirping and enjoy the quiet solitude of lazy summer afternoons. 

Flip Flops

Can you even call it Summer without flip flops? Wherever your feet take you this summer, (which is sure to be plenty of fun places!) flip flops are an essential casual summer staple. Easily slip in and out of your flops as you cannonball into a river, enjoy a day at a lush spa, or throw the football in the backyard. Best thing about flops? You can wear them every single day and no one will bat an eye because they’re probably wearing flip flops, too!

Breezy Summer Pajamas

After those long summer days out in the sun, you’ll want to slip into the most comfy, breezy and lightweight PJs ever. Our summer shorty pajama sets and rompers are perfect for movie nights, pajama parties, baking cupcakes, sipping on tea and basking in the ambiance of resplendent summer nights. Did we mention how cute and fun these patterns are? Watermelon, anyone? 

thecats shorty life

A Classic Cover Up 

Summer is all about easy, effortless outfits that look chic and relaxed. Why waste time picking out what to wear when there’s so much fun to be had outside? Well, you can never go wrong with a classic cover up. Throw it over a swimsuit, pair it with your favorite accessories or dress it up. Choose bright florals and summer colors to accentuate the sunniest time of year. Lightweight materials like cotton are super soft, comfortable and perfect for warmer temps. Wherever you go in your cover up, you’re bringing classic and casual style with you.


Our Summer Pick: The ultra soft, lightweight Bora Bora Sleeveless Nightshirt.

Summer Sunnies 

Because summer isn’t quite the same without your favorite pair of sunglasses, right? Sunglasses are the perfect summer accessory and come in a variety of styles to allow you to add a unique flare to your look. An oversized black pair gives a classic, Audrey Hepburn look. Or, get flirty with colors and patterns like leopard, tortoiseshell or hot pink.


And that wraps up our summer style roundup! Summertime is all about savoring the longest days of the year under the warmth of the sun. Soak up the vibrant sights, scents and events this summer because no matter where your summer takes you, you’re going in style with these essentials!


Ready for some summer fun? Here’s your list for the best ways to celebrate summer this year!

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7 Fun Ways to Celebrate Summer 2019

Goodbye June gloom, hello sunshine! That’s right, summer if officially here. To kick off the longest day of the year, we’re bringing you 7 fun ways to celebrate summer 2019.


Get ready for long days outdoors, sunbathing, fresh summer recipes and warm summer nights. Who’s ready for the best summer yet? We sure are! Read on for exciting summer solstice celebration ideas, and how to slow down and enjoy all the summer fun this year.

  1. Make Your Favorite Fresh Summer Recipe  

Seasonal summer foods are usually light, zesty and of course, fresh. To kick off summer this year, make your favorite fresh summer dish. This could be as simple as a refreshing mint iced tea or zesty shrimp tacos.


A fresh fruit salad is a popular and delicious summer recipe that’s quick and easy to make. Buy your favorite seasonal fruits, slice and dice accordingly, throw them all in a bowl and voila, you’ve got a delectable snack or side dish! Seasonal summer fruits include blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, watermelon, pineapple, mango and kiwi. Top your fruit salad with fresh mint leaves to add a punch of freshness to an already light summer dish.


As temps rise, stay cool in our adorable summer pajama short sets.

2. Host An Outdoor Feast 

People around the world have celebrated the summer solstice for centuries. Summer is universally recognized as a time of new beginnings and rebirth. That’s why a summer celebration and gathering with your friends and family is a great idea. If you’re ready to celebrate summer with fun activities, host an outdoor feast or potluck! Have friends bring their favorite summer dishes, throw burgers on the grill and celebrate the light and jovial atmosphere of summer

3. Have A Summer Bonfire

Another fun idea to kick off summer is to have a bonfire! Whether you live near a beach, forrest, river, lake or have a large backyard, a bonfire is a fun summer activity for the whole family! Roast marshmallows, share stories, invite a friend or family member who plays guitar and sing along to campfire songs. A bonfire is an exciting way to enjoy the warmth of summer nights with the ones you love.


Cozy up to the bonfire in one of our summer robes

4. Splash Into Summer With A Pool Party

One of the best ways to celebrate the first day of summer is with a pool party! Lay out and bask in the glorious summer sun rays. Play marco polo with the kids, dip your toes in the water and revel in the warm summer sunshine.


Looking for unique summer solstice gifts? Summer nightshirts double perfectly as a stylish and lightweight swimsuit cover up

5. Gardening with the Kids

There are so many great summer activities for kids, and one you can do as a family is gardening! Whether you and the kids tend to your existing garden or plant something new, spending time together outside is a hallmark of a fun summer. Harvest summer vegetables or pick fresh flowers to fill your home with the sweet floral scents of summertime

6. Go on a Hike or Nature Walk

Pack up a picnic and head to a local trail, park or wilderness area for a summer hike or nature walk. It’s always fun to watch the seasons change, and summer solstice is a great opportunity to spend time outdoors during the warm summer days. Collect wildflowers, listen to the birds singing, and see what kinds of animals you can spot. Nature walks are an interactive summer activity for kids and parents to enjoy together.

7. Enjoy Warm Summer Sunsets and Stargazing

Is there anything more glorious than a summer sunset? No matter where you live, you’ve likely got your favorite sunset spot. Head out for a long drive or ride bikes to your favorite lookout to watch the sunset. Stick around as pastel hues set the sky on fire and fade into nighttime. Then, lay out on a blanket in the grass and watch the night sky come to life.

Ready to Soak Up The Best of Summertime?

With so many fun things to do this summer, be sure to slow down and savor every moment. Fortunately, summer solstice is the longest day of the year, and the perfect opportunity to plan a fun-filled summer! Which activity will you do first?


The weather is heating up! Browse our collection of lightweight summer pajamas to keep you cool all summer long.


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blogimage fathersdayunsplash

Best Fun and Free Activites For Father’s Day at Home!

If the greatest gift is love, get ready to shower Dad in oodles of it this Father’s Day. Truth is, there’s nothing quite as simple and rewarding as having a meaningful Father’s Day celebration at home. Get ready to kick up your feet, lounge in your pajamas and enjoy fun activities that are perfect for family bonding and creating lifelong memories. Best part? They don’t cost a thing!


Father’s Day provides the opportunity to put the focus on Dad and make him feel like the king of the castle, all while gifting him quality time with the ones he loves. Can’t put a price on that!


You don’t have to break the bank to show Dad how much you love him. In fact, most of the following activities are all free! And if you’re looking for inexpensive Father’s Day gifts to show Dad how much you care, browse our collection of fun Father’s Day t-shirts!


If you’ve been wondering how to spend Father’s Day this year, read on for our tips for planning a memorable and meaningful Father’s Day celebration at home!


Father’s Day Activities At Home

First of all, you want to make sure Dad knows how important he is to your family, right? Then let’s set the stage for the ultimate day of fun this Father’s Day. The most important thing is to show Dad how much he means to you, and what better way to do that than give the gift of quality time?

Spend Time Together — No Distractions Allowed

The first thing on your list for celebrating Father’s Day at home is to put the focus on the man of the house. Eliminate any distractions that will take the spotlight off of Dad, and really set up the atmosphere to be conducive to bonding and spending quality time together.


Tuck away the laptops and cellphones, and don’t even think about turning on the TV until after you’ve enjoyed all of your fun Father’s Day activities.

Father’s Day Brunch at Home

Instead of shuffling through a crowded restaurant, make Dad the breakfast of champions: a delicious and bountiful home cooked Father’s Day brunch. Eggs benedict his favorite? Be sure to pick up special items from the grocery store ahead of time. If you’ve got several kids in the family, let each one cook their own special dish for Dad. This is a great way to include the kids and make Dad feel special.


While you’re around the table, it’s time to give Dad his Father’s Day gift. Still looking for the perfect one? Show him he’s the best Dad ever with a Father’s Day T-shirt!

tshirt dadfavoritepeople480 tshirt Favorite People Grandpa490

Have a Local Expedition

Instead of over-spending to visit a theme park or busy place that’ll take away from your quality time, have a local expedition! Take the bikes out for a neighborhood ride, head out back and throw the football. Local park nearby? Cart your bats and have a round of softball. A local outing is a free Father’s Day activity that’s easy to plan and most of all–fun! If you’ve got a big family, let Grandpa and Dad be team captains and have a schoolyard draw.

Make Time For His Favorite Things

Let’s face it, Dad is busy all year keeping up with the daily grind. This Father’s Day, let him savor some precious down time. This could involve watching a football game, reading a magazine or playing fantasy football. Maybe he loves to lounge in his favorite robe and read the paper with a cup of coffee in the morning? While Father’s Day is all about Dad and family bonding, let him have some quiet time to enjoy his favorite relaxing activities. To really get him in the chill zone, make sure he’s set up with the coziest lounging pajamas ever!

Work On A Project Together

Think about Dad’s favorite hobbies: Does he love gardening? Then get the gloves on and help him water the garden or add a new plant. Is he a golfer? Bring the golf clubs out back and practice your swing together. Or, you can try something new together like building a birdhouse or painting pictures to hang in the garage or man room.

Order Pizza or Have a Backyard Picnic

Does Dad love a classic grilled burger? Then fire up the grill. Maybe he cares more about spending time together and not cooking? Sounds like delivery is the best option. Order his favorite pizza or takeout, that way you can get back to all these fun Father’s Day activities. To turn lunch into a fun and free activity, pack up some sandwiches and snacks and have a picnic in the backyard. This is a great way of keeping the family bonding active and ongoing throughout the day.

Game Night

After a fulfilling day of Father’s Day activities, it’s time to unwind and enjoy some mellow and fun activities. Is your Dad a ringer at Monopoly? Maybe you guys bond over Jenga or cards? Either way, a game night is a fun and interactive way to do something Dad enjoys that includes the whole family. No sore losers, because dessert’s on the way!

Make Him His Favorite Dessert

Does Dad have a sweet tooth? Then Father’s Day is the perfect chance to bake him his favorite pie or fill up the house with the sweet scent of freshly baked cookies. Alternatively, if his favorite dessert is frozen yogurt, put on your pajamas and head out for ice cream. Or, make banana splits at home!


The celebration doesn’t end when the sun goes down, in fact it’s just getting started! Stargazing Is one of the creative things to do for Father’s Day that is interactive, free, fun and educational. Print out some star maps and take turns finding your favorite stars and constellations.

Have the Best Father’s Day Ever!

As you can see, there’s no shortage of fun and free things to do at home for Father’s Day. The most important thing is to spend quality time together. Whether lounging in your pajamas and playing cards, or enjoying an exciting softball game or playing catch in the backyard, we hope these Father’s Day activities help you bond and create unforgettable memories that’ll last a lifetime.


After all, Father’s Day is truly about celebrating the man whose unconditional love deserves more than one day of recognition, but hey–he’ll take it! Happy Father’s Day!


Don’t forget to grab your Dad the perfect Father’s Day gift to show him how much he means to you. Browse our collection of Father’s Day pajamas and T-shirts!


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10 Tips To Unwind And Enjoy A Long Weekend At Home

Get ready for long weekend of lounging and family fun! That’s right, there’s nothing quite like a long weekend at home. You get to sleep in late, lounge in your pajamas and enjoy lazy afternoons. However, sometimes when a long weekend approaches, it’s easy for it to breeze by and before we know it, we’re grinding our gears at work again.


The Staycation


Never underestimate the power of a vacation at home! We’re talking a weekend of unplugging, ultimate lounging and total relaxation. Everyone needs to recharge their batteries, and a vacation at home is the best way to do exactly that!


How will you make the most of the upcoming memorial day weekend? Use these long weekend ideas to slow down, lounge and savor every relaxing moment.


Ready to unwind? Here are 10 ways to have the best Memorial Day weekend staycation.


  1. Get in Staycation Mode


The first thing to do is set your mindset to staycation mode. How do you do that? Slip into your comfiest PJ’s, turn off your phone, don’t even think about checking emails and pour yourself a glass of your favorite beverage. It could be a warm cup of tea or a margarita–the choice is yours because this is your vacation at home!


Now, think about what your favorite vacations involve. Is it dancing? Then put on your favorite playlist and have a pajama dance party! Is it going to a waterpark with the kids? Then turn on the sprinklers or put a slip n slide in the backyard and have some fun in the sun. Whatever your dream vacation looks like, transform your home into a mini paradise.


  1. Unplug


Unplugging is a large part of getting into vacation mode. To fully embrace your long weekend at home, eliminate digital obligations that add stress or tug at your attention. Try to avoid falling into the trap of wasting precious lounging minutes by scrolling Facebook or reading the news. This is your vacation at home, nobody else’s, and going online or answering your phone can mentally draw you away from your staycation.


It’s important to have intentions for your weekend. Is your intention to have an ultimate weekend of lounging and relaxation? Then cut out anything that might interrupt that. Weekends too easily come and fly by. Having set intentions and a plan will help you savor every moment of your long weekend at home.


  1. Set Up Your Space For Lounging


To enjoy your staycation without stress, set up your space to be conducive to relaxation. Invite calm into your home by clipping fresh flowers, open the windows to let in fresh air, use a diffuser to waft sweet essential oils into the atmosphere. These subtle changes leading up to your long weekend at home will truly transform your home. Having a vacation at home should feel like you’ve escaped to somewhere fun and new, while retaining the comfort of your sanctuary.


Basically, make your home feel like a fancy hotel or resort. You’ll be ready to order room service! Instead, keep it simple by ordering in. No cooking or cleanup means more time lounging.


Ease Into The Day


  1. Sleep in Late

Take advantage of the long weekend as an opportunity to catch some much needed zzzzz’s. Turn off your alarm and allow yourself to snooze in as late as you’d like–guilt free! When you finally open your eyes after a night of beauty sleep, read a book or take a long bath. Change up your morning routine to include all the things you wish you had time to do in the morning throughout the week. If it helps, put a “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door.


  1. Have Breakfast in Your PJ’s


Stay in your pajamas and enjoy breakfast in bed or around the table with your family. This will contribute to your staycation mindset and remind you that you don’t have to get up and rush out the door. Then, involve the whole family and cook breakfast together. Since it’s a team effort, make it a breakfast pajama party by wearing matching family pajamas.


Enjoy Lazy Weekend Afternoons


  1. Go For a Long Walk


Throughout the week, our daily obligations often negate our ability to slow down and enjoy the little things. Leave the phones and watches at home and go for a long walk. Walking stimulates creative energy, improves moods, boosts self esteem and provides your daily intake of Vitamin D.


Plus, there’s peace and relaxation from engaging in activities without a time limit. Think about it: when’s the last time you did something without regard to time? A long weekend at home is an excellent opportunity to get outside, feel the fresh air and maybe even smell a rose or two.


  1. Invite Friends and Family Over


If hibernation is on your agenda for your long weekend at home, then skip this tip. However, a long vacation at home is a great way to catch up with friends, get energized from social interaction and enjoy quality time with your close friends and family. What better way to chill and hang out with loved ones than to have a BBQ potluck?


  1. Fire Up The Grill and Have A Potluck


Take the pressure off of hosting and have a casual BBQ potluck. A potluck is the perfect way to bond with your loved ones, chill out and have some quality family fun. Best part? A potluck alleviates you from having to cook for everyone. When each guest brings a dish, all you have to do is fire up the grill. The most important thing is to keep it casual, that way you still get the buzz of socializing, without the pressure of having to be the hostess with the mostess.


Mellow Out At Night


  1. Have a Movie Marathon


Some sources encourage a complete detox from digital entertainment during a long weekend at home. However, a movie marathon is an entertaining family activity! Put on your favorite cozy pajamas, pop some popcorn and transform your living room into a sleepover with blankets and pillows.


  1. Make Time for Relaxing Hobbies


Do you love to read but don’t have enough time for it during the week? Never enough time to fit in a long bath? Whatever it is that you wish you had more time to do, make sure you carve some space to do that during your long weekend vacation at home. Afterall, a staycation is all about recharging, unplugging, getting back to basics and enjoying life’s simple pleasures–all from the comfort of your own home!


After luxuriating in peace and calm over a long weekend at home, you’ll head back to work feeling rejuvenated, energized and grounded.


But first, time to unwind!

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Mother’s Day 2019: Pamper Mom With A Relaxing Pajama Day

Is there anything more enticing than snuggling up with a warm drink and lounging in pajamas all day? No one understands this feeling better than Mom. All year, she’s taking care of the family, checking tasks off the ever-expanding to-do list and skillfully living up to her “Supermom” nickname.

How do you show Mom how much she means to you this Mother’s Day? If you’re browsing online for awesome Mother’s Day ideas, you’ve come to the right place! With Mother’s Day right around the corner, give Mom the gift of ultimate relaxation and fun. How, you ask?

A Pajama Day!

This is one day out of the year to fully pamper your Mom and show her how much you appreciate her. Breakfast in bed? You bet! Sleeping in late? Oh yeah. The fun doesn’t stop there. What’s a Pajama Day without the perfect Mother’s Day pajamas?

If you’re look for unique ideas for Mother’s day, here’s how to have the ultimate Pajama Day.

Let Her Sleep In Late

Don’t even fuss with the snooze button. Unplug the alarm, turn off the phone, and do not disturb. Let Mom sleep in as late as she wants. After all, she is the first one out of bed every day ensuring everything runs as scheduled. While she sleeps in, get to work in the kitchen so that when she opens her restful eyes, the first thing she smells is a pot of fresh coffee or the savory scent of breakfast.

Every Mom needs her beauty sleep, and what better way to recoup than in our Queen Bee Pima Knit Nightshirt?

Serve Her Breakfast in Bed

Who doesn’t love breakfast in bed? Start her day off right with a scrumptious, home cooked meal to show her you care. After she eats, don’t let her clean a thing. Cart away her tray and do the dishes before she can even think about getting out of bed. This is not only a thoughtful gesture, but a tasty treat as well! Serving her breakfast in bed is a loving and fun way to kick off Pajama Day.

Does the day not start until after Mom’s had coffee? Then she’ll love our Munki Munki Women’s Fancy Coffee Classic Pajama Set!

Mother’s Day Gifts: Pajamas for Mom

What good is a Pajama Day without cute pajamas for mom? After breakfast in bed, give her a mother’s day gift she can lounge in all day. One of the perks of relaxing and having fun at home this Mother’s Day is staying in your pajamas all day! Whether snuggling up in a plush, fluffy robe or wearing a cute matching pajama set, pajamas are the coziest Mother’s Day gift.

Give Her R&R Time

The most important ingredient for Pajama Day is relaxation. There are all sorts of ways you can pamper Mom to ensure she gets much needed self-care. Pour her a glass of wine and draw her a warm bath filled with bath salts, relaxing essential oils and scented bubbles. Afterward, give her a pedicure! These are easy, thoughtful ways to invite calm and peace into her busy life.

She’ll love our silky post-bath Rosé and Champagne Satin Robe.

Catch Up On Her Favorite Series

Truth is, Mom rarely gets the time to squeeze in time to unwind. This Mother’s Day, give her the remote and let her catch up on her favorite series. So often, Moms sacrifice the little joys in life. Whether it be binge-watching shows on Netflix or curling up to a page-turning book, let Mom choose how to spend her time this Mother’s Day. What seems like a simple gesture is actually a wonderful way to show Mom that today is all about her.

Get ready to relax! Pajama Day is the perfect combination of fun and relaxation to let Mom know how much you appreciate her. She spends her year devoted to her family, and this is one day to put the focus back on her with a much deserved day of pampering. Happy Mother’s Day!

Visit the Pajama Company Blog for more fun Mother’s Day ideas. Don’t forget to browse our Mother’s Day Pajama Favorites to find the perfect match for your Mom.

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Most Fashionable Pajama Sets

Pajamas are a Fashion Statement, According to Experts

For some, wearing pajamas outside of the home is a regular occurance. Stepping outside to get the mail. Making a quick run to the grocery store on Saturday morning. Maybe that’s just how you roll (we’re not here to judge). But recently fashion gurus in magazines like Glamour and GQ have declared that it’s officially en vogue to wear your PJs outside of the house and, well, we couldn’t be more excited.

GQ recently noted the visible shift in men’s fashion towards bold colors and vibrant fabrics, calling them “deeply swaggy.” This awards season men donned ensembles that were designed to make a statement, much like the ladies’ gowns. Men are leaning towards comfort with breezy fabrics like silk and cuts that are more on the casual side, like nice PJs you don’t mind wearing to the grocery store.

In the last decade, women’s fashion has made a steady shift towards comfort over outdated notions of “high fashion.” Yoga pants and athletic wear have become increasingly popular choices for running errands or getting brunch with friends. These outfits are now the rule, not the exception. The fashion industry responded to this trend with more fashionable athletic wear, trendy leggings, and a wonderful jean-legging hybrid known as “jeggings.” Similarly, women’s pajamas have also stepped it up with a number of styles you could potentially wear around town. These are some of our favorites.

8 Fashionable Pajama Sets You Can Wear Anywhere

The Cat's Pajamas - Evergreen Women's Set

1. Evergreen Voile Cotton Pajama Set by The Cat’s Pajamas

This adorable 100% cotton pajama set is perfect for the warmer months. Voile is an ultra-soft semi-sheer fabric, so you might want to pair it with a tank top if you’re considering wearing the top outdoors. The evergreen pattern evokes freshly pressed flowers in spring.

PJ Salvage Women's Dots Cotton Pajama Set

2. Lemon Dots Cotton Pajama Set by PJ Salvage

The cheery soft yellow dot pattern on this woman’s pajama set is a classic. The subtle design could easily be worn underneath a blazer, as pictured, or over a pair of jeans to run errands on the weekend.

Green Pinstripe Poplin Pajama Set Bedhead

3. Green Pinstripe Classic Poplin Pajama Set by Bedhead

Very in line with trending “pajama style” menswear, this crisp green and white stripe set is comfortable in bed or outside the house. 100% cotton means that the set is made from breathable fabric, making these pajamas a great choice for any time of the year.

Kiku Luxe Pima Cotton Pajamas The Cat's Pajamas

4. Kiku Luxe Pima Cotton Pajama Set by The Cat’s Pajamas

Luxe Pima is an ultra-soft, super light tightly woven cotton. These gorgeous pajamas as are as comfortable as they are beautiful. The gray is paired with a modern pop of color in a timeless floral design. In the summertime, you could absolutely wear the top outside with a pair of shorts or rock the pants to brunch with a crisp white shirt.

Paisley Plaid Vintage Jersey Classic Pajama Set Munki Munki

5. Paisley Plaid Vintage Jersey Classic Pajama Set by Munki Signature

In this awkward stage between winter and spring, this ‘vintage’ paisley and plaid pattern is a great combination. This soft jersey pajama set gives off a “modern cowgirl” vibe in a flattering, classic cut.

Blue Chelsea Classic Pajama Set by Bedhead

6. Blue Chelsea Classic Pajama Set by Bedhead

You don’t have to be a soccer fan to sport this classic blue ‘Chelsea’ pajama set from Bedhead. 100% English cotton is styled with a button down front and notch collar. Look put-together on your way to bed or on your way to pick a paper.

PJ Salvage Give Love Classic Pajama Set

7. Give Love Classic Pajama Set by PJ Salvage

Whether it’s a little black dress or a comfortable black pajama top, this adorable pattern from PJ Salvage is always in style. Pair this easy breezy cotton top with a pair of khaki shorts and wedges and you’ve got an effortless springtime weekend look.

Bedhead Men's 3D Stripe Cotton Pajama Set

8. Blue 3D Stripe Fine Cotton Pajama Set by Bedhead

Deep V, anyone? This stylish classic pajama cut is flirty and flattering with vertical baby blue and white stripes. Fine 100% cotton will keep you cool and comfortable in the warmer months, but are light enough to sleep in comfortably under a quilt in the winter. The shirt’s style is so trendy right now, you could even get away with wearing it on a casual Friday.

If you thought this list was fun, check out The Pajama Company Blog for more posts on family fun, movie and book lists, yummy recipes, and tips for rest and relaxation:

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10 reasons to love rainy days

Why Rainy Weekends are Actually The Best

Science has proven over and over again that the weather has the power to affect our mood. Shorter days in the winter can make us feel depressed. Cloudy skies can make us feel tired and the sun makes us feel energized. That’s all well and good, but what’s wrong with a little rain? We actually think rainy days are kind of the best, especially during the weekend. Here’s why.

cute bear cotton pajama set

Daisy Alexander ‘Beary Happy’ PJ Set

10 Reasons to Love Rainy Weekends

1. You don’t “have to” go outside.

The great outdoors are, well, great. But after a long, grinding week there’s nothing better than waking up to the pitter patter of rain against your window pane. A rainy day means you don’t have to “make the most” of the weather by getting outside. There’s no reason you have to dust off your bike, go for a jog, take the dog hiking, or meet your friends for a sunny afternoon brunch. You can be an indoor cat without regret.

2. You can catch up on that new series everyone is talking about.

“What do you mean you don’t watch…?” Instead of smiling and nodding when your coworkers dish about That New Show on That Streaming Service, actually participate in the conversation for once. Use your rainy day to pop some popcorn, curl up on the couch, and binge watch a hot new series.

3. It’s hot chocolate weather.

Just because the holidays are over, that doesn’t mean that you have to punish yourself with boring cups of coffee and tea on a rainy day. Make yourself a big mug of hot cocoa with all the trimmings: marshmallows and candy canes if you still have a few lying around the kitchen — they don’t expire, right? Wrap yourself up in a cozy bathrobe and sip while you listen to the gentle sounds of rain outside. Hot chocolate is the ultimate rainy day treat.

4. You can go to bed early.

Even people with the most active social lives need a break every now and again. You’ll notice that on a rainy Friday night, your cell phone will stay blissfully silent. Almost every social butterfly takes advantage of a rainy night to stay in and recharge. So ditch the FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), go to bed early, and wake up refreshed!

5. Pajamas for the win!

The number one, absolute best thing about a rainy weekend is that you can stay in your pajama pants for 48 straight hours. Blustery wet weather makes us want to curl up under a warm blanket in our favorite flannels, so why not indulge? Put on your slippers and keep them on until Monday.

6. You can do that thing you said you’d do.

How are the New Year’s Resolutions going? Did you make a promise to yourself to get back into painting, read a book a month, try yoga? If you’re not into lazing about on a rainy day, use your gray weekend to get back on track. Read that book, find a yoga video on YouTube, or bust out your watercolors. Even if none of these items ended up on your list of resolutions, using this time indoors to exercise your mind will help you feel more energized when you go back to work on Monday.

7. Takeout tastes better when it’s raining.

It’s a fact: food always tastes better when you don’t have to cook it. Second fact: a comforting container of takeout always tastes better when it’s cold and rainy outside. Take a day off from grocery shopping and order the pizza, pad thai, buffalo wings, or tofu and broccoli you’ve been dreaming about. Then plant yourself on the couch and savor every last bite.

8. You can practice self-care.

In this age of unparalleled connectivity, we really do have to practice self-care. Putting our health and wellness first isn’t an instinct for most modern adults. We have to learn to set time aside to take care of our ourselves. Take a bath, paint your nails, or take a nap. A rainy weekend is the perfect time practice a little self-care.

9. You can do chores without doing much.

Do you know it’s going to rain this weekend? Park your car in the driveway, soap it up, and walk away. Or put your indoor plants outside for a natural watering. Check “water the lawn” off your to-do list. These tiny life hacks can help you feel semi-productive while you spend the rest of the day binge-watching shows on Netflix in your PJs.

cute umbrella pattern pajamas

Ready for a PJ party in the Daisy Alexander ‘Rainy Day’ Classic Pajama Set

10. You can host a pajama party.

If you don’t feel like going out but want to be social, invite a few friends over for a “pajama party.” Encourage them to wear their PJs or their favorite sweatpants, order pizza, open a bottle of wine, and watch a movie together. Nothing makes your home feel cozy on a rainy night like friends and jammies.

We hope this fun little list helps you see the silver lining during your next rainy weekend! For more ideas for family fun, visit The Pajama Company Blog at Don’t forget to check out our new private label, Daisy Alexander, for the perfect rainy day attire!

Best Rainy Day Pajamas daisy alexander

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