Ten Halloween Costumes You Can Make With Pajamas


1. White footies and a gold crown makes you Max from Where The Wild Things Are.


2. Put on your purple footies and cover yourself in purple balloons and you’re a Bunch of Grapes.


3. Dress up as someone with Bed Head who overslept by wearing Pajamas, slippers, a robe, tease your hair or put in curlers and carry a coffee cup.

4.  Wear our “Dog Person” nightshirt and carry a basket of stuffed dogs on leashes, dog toys and you’re a Dog Walkerdogpersonmodel

5. Tape googly eyes and a round orange nose to a red knit hat, pair with red footies and you’re Elmo.


6. Make a crown of paper petals, pair with green footies and you’re a Flower.


7. Add a tail and ears to your leopard print pajamas and you’re a Leopard.


8. Put on our Red Bear Bottom FlapJack, add glasses, a cane, grey or white hair and you’re Great Grandpa


9. Put on flannel pajamas and glasses, carry a laptop and you’re a Blogger.


10. For the truly lazy … put a picture of yourself on your Tee Shirt or Hoody and wear this with your favorite pj pants and you’re  a Facebook Profile.

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A Dress Code For Parents

In the rush to get the kids out the door and into the car to go school, getting dressed yourself might not be a priority. But it doesn’t matter. No one will see you, right?

At one school in the UK, parents were surprised recently to learn that was not the case. They were being watched.

We have heard about schools enforcing a pajama-free dress code for kids, but this school has taken it one step further. They don’t want parents parents wearing PJ’s, either.

According to a post on babycenter.com, the school sent the following message home to parents:

“We respectfully request that parents who drop off their children and pick them up from school follow all of the dress code expectations that students are expected to follow including the rule stating that pajamas are not to be worn.”

A mom discussing the ban on the Today Show on Thursday said she thought enforcing a dress code for parents was a bit extreme.

What do you think? Do you ever wear pajamas to drive your kids to school?

Would you drive your kids to school wearing pajamas?

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Founder, CEO and Expat: An Interview with Ellie

Of course, we all know Ellie Badanes as the brains behind the ThePajamaCompany.com. But did you know that before she launched her business in 2004, this mother of three spent nearly 20 years living as an expat overseas?

In a recent interview with the website ExpatWomen.com, Ellie revealed the obstacles she faced as an expat and an entrepreneur and how she came up with the idea for the business.

“I started my business because I love pajamas, and the whole business concept fit well with my lifestyle,” Ellie said.

In the interview she credits her experience living overseas for the company’s broad and global appeal.

“Living overseas has made me different from a typical American retailer. I anticipate questions about sizing and shipping before they happen,” she told ExpatWomen.com. “I know the occasional challenges of shopping on U.S. websites from overseas. I know the customers I have in mind are not from a certain state, region, neighborhood or country, but rather are very broad – very international. I think that is how the expat experience defines us. We think more broadly. I know pajamas mean different things to different cultures, but pajamas are all about comfort in any language!”

Read more of the interview with The Pajama Company founder and CEO, Ellie Badanes, at ExpatWomen.com.

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More Pajamas In Fashion

Rachel Roy is not the only fashionista wearing pajamas as a statement piece.

Swedish style blogger, Elin Kling recently stepped out to do some errands in her sleepwear. In her blog post, Kling said she was in need of some retail therapy and wore the pajamas to get out for a quick break.

The Blackbook.com commented that Kling’s cotton pajama pants fit perfectly with the printed wide-leg pant trend.

Do you think pajamas can make a stylish outfit? Tell us about when you would wear pajamas outside the house.

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Pajamas On The Red Carpet

Of course, WE know that pajamas are not just for sleeping anymore.

It’s common to wear pajamas when lounging around the house and occasionally to run an errand or two. Kids are even wearing pajamas to school.

But, how about pajamas on the red carpet? That’s new, even to us.

Last week, fashion designer Rachel Roy (who counts fashion icons like First Lady Michelle Obama as clients) gave new meaning to the term “evening wear”. Roy showed up to the premier of the new film One Day in Bedhead striped pajamas.

To upgrade her pj’s for the red carpet, Roy rolled up the sleeves and paired them with heels, jewelry and a clutch handbag.

She told InStyle that the outfit was inspired by her daughter.

“I have an eleven-year-old and I like to show her that it’s OK to take fashion risks and to have fun and tell a story with fashion,” she told InStyle. “It was hard for me to find something to go with these shoes where I didn’t feel too dressed up and too done. So I thought, this is how I can wear these shoes by Mr. Blahnik!”

You can get Roy’s look with Bedhead’s White and Blue Pinstripe Pajama set. Available at ThePajamaCompany.com in sizes small, medium, large and extra-large for $146.

InStyle.com shows fashion designer Rachel Roy wearing Bedhead pajamas on the red carpet.

Rachel Roy's red carpet ensemble started with a pajama like this 100% fine Egyptian cotton blue and white pinstripe set from Bedhead. Available at ThePajamaCompany.com in S, M, L or XL for $146.

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A Ban on Pajamas?

Does wearing pajamas inhibit a student’s ability to learn?

According to one Vermont high school principal, the answer is yes.

Mount Anthony Union High School in Bennington, Vt. announced its new dress code earlier this week. Among the list of newly prohibited clothing are pajamas and slippers.

“One of the things that made us want to re-evaluate [the dress code] is it was to a point kids were coming to school wearing pajamas and slippers. It’s a safety hazard, certainly with slippers, and it also says something to the work ethic. Like anything else, if you get yourself into a mental state about something you’re going to be more prepared to work, and if you come to school in pajamas you’re prepared for something else,” associate principal David Beriau told the Bennington Banner.

There is certainly a debate to be had over what is appropriate at school. But calling pajamas a safety hazard seems a bit far fetched.

And if a school is going to ban pajamas for fear that kids will take classes less seriously if they are wearing comfortable clothes, then should sweatpants and sweatshirts be banned, too? How about wool-lined Ugg boots?

It’s a slippery slope Mount Anthony Union High School.

What do you think? Should kids be allowed to wear pajamas to school?

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Send a Pajama Camp Care Package

Forget talent show night and camp fire sing-a-longs. The true highlight of summer camp is the moment your name is called to tell you a package has arrived from Mom and Dad.

Here at The Pajama Company, we have some ideas to help make that moment extra special. Skip the standard kitschy toys and candy and send your campers something they will use.

An adorable thermal or flannel pajama will keep the campers in Maine or Canada warm at night. A fresh pair of soft pants or cute boxer shorts can make for a comforting reminder of home.

Make your camp care package complete by adding a book, game or autograph pillow case.

Here are two examples of what we call the “Ultimate Camp Care Package” for a girl and for a boy. Now we welcome you to explore our kids section and get creative making your own personalized camp care package. Let us know what you choose!

For a boy:

"Commando" flannel set; Available in kids sizes 2 - 18; $34

"Commando" flannel set; Available in kids sizes 2 - 18; $34

Snuggle socks; $10

"World Map" pillow case set; $28

For a girl:

"Rockstar" flannel pajama pants; Available in kids size 2T - 14; $19.99

Cozy socks; $10

Autograph pillowcase makes a great camp souvenier; $16

"No Paparazzi" eye mask; $24

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Keep Cool in Summer Boxers

With temperatures soaring it’s time to live in boxers, tees and tanks.  We love the fun of boxers and think you will too.  Summer is all about lounging whether you are at the beach or on your front porch or comfy on your couch.  Lounging is about being comfortable and we’ve put together a boxer, tank and tee collection sure to make you smile.  Here are some of our favorites.

"Sweet and Sour" Boxer from Be As You Are $16

"Addicted to Love" Boxer from Be As You Are $16

"Bear Naked" Boxer from Hatley Nature $16

"Wildest Dreams" Boxer from Hatley Nature $16

"Almost Ready" Boxer from Be As You Are $16

"Yummy" Boxer from Be As You Are $16

"Peace, Love & Happy Hour" Boxer from Be As You Are $16

"Dam It" Boxer from Hatley Nature $16

"Peace, Love & Cupcakes" Tee from Be As You Are $24

"Happy Hour" Men's Tee from Life is good $25

"Beer Pong League" Tank from Be As You Are $22

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Find Your “Happy Place” This Summer and Go There

Here at The Pajama Company, we love to lounge and think summer is the perfect season to kick back and relax.  Not sure how to start this adventure of  “Chilln’?”  Begin by finding your perfect  “Happy Place.”  Find it and  and go back to it often.  Maybe it is plopped under your favorite tree, in your garden, on your deck or porch, poolside  or just in a quiet corner of your home.  Whether you have all day or just 20 minutes to spare, use the time doing what you love.  Settle in with your journal and add one more page, daydream, meditate, snooze, write a blog post, read the next chapter of the book you started months ago or simply sit.

For some, taking time to relax is daunting.  For some, life is such a whirl that stepping away even for a moment is stress inducing.  Funny how it’s possible for lounging to be stressful.  For some, it truly is.   For the type A, overstressed we say start the process of relaxing a little slower.  Start by coming home and just doing a quick change from work clothes to pj’s or boxers.  Something so simple can work very well to melt away a few tense muscles. It’s you saying, “I’m home.”  You’ve officially left the office, the playground, the sports field, the “Mom” taxi.  You may still have tons to do but putting on pj’s means you are home.  Many tell us that they do their best work in pajamas and we believe it.

We love to talk about lounging and love lounging in pj’s.  We know grabbing a little quiet time is so healthy and rejuvenating.  Find your “Happy Place” and go there, even for just a moment.  You will thank yourself.

Summer is the time to smile a little more, laugh a little more and simply do what you love a little more.

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Nightshirts Perfect for A Princess or A Queen!

With Royal Wedding fever at full pitch it’s time to plan the perfect outfit for that early morning TV watching Friday!  We’ve put together a collection of our nightshirts just right for the occasion.  Afterall, at 3am it should be a little bit of style, a little bit of fun and a whole lot of comfort!  Don’t you agree?  We love Emerson Street’s famous “Nightshirt in a Bag” because it’s roomy and it’s fun.  Let’s celebrate the wedding with nightshirt comfort and nightshirt fun.  At $28, these nightshirts are a great price for gift giving for your family, friends and especially for you!  The Emerson Street shirt “one size fits most” nightshirt is a white 100% cotton coverup with a thin black V neckline, and comes rolled in a cotton bag. Emerson’s art is not only featured on the nightshirt but is printed on the white drawstring cotton bag as well. We also love love love the cute nightshirts from “My Favorite Nightshirt” company.  Also $28, these oversized tee shirt style nightshirts come in a see through plastic bag with black handles.  The prints are sweet and fun.

"I'm Just The Queen"

"Wine Princess"

"I'm a Princess That's Why!"

"The Princess Wants to Sleep"

So fluff the pillows, pour some bubbly and enjoy the wedding in nightshirt style!

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