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We Love A Pajama Bargain

Question: What’s better than a pajama sale? 

Answer: A pajama sale on sale of course!

This weekend we are having a offering an additional 20% off our already discounted sale collection. Here are just a few of our favorite pj’s on sale. Use Discount Code SALE20 at checkout to see savings.


Our pretty Spring “Tulips” pajama is 100% cotton poplin and is $39.99


Just for Guys is this 100% cotton poplin “Sailboat” pajama pant. $29.99


A beautiful lightweight 100% cotton celebrates a Spring “Happy Hour”  and is $39.99


A soft cotton knit pajama to love all year around is now $39.99


Calling all golfers, you will love this soft cotton jersey pj pant. $19.99

Shop our entire sale collection and use Discount Code SALE20 from now until Midnight Sunday April 9th to see an additional 20% savings.

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We’re Making This Snow Day A “Movie Day”


By Ellie Badanes

Here in CT, we are preparing for #Blizzard2017 now heading our way. We know that means one thing, a Snow Day! A Snow Day in March is unexpected and of course happy for every child tonight knowing tomorrow is a day to play and relax. For kids of all ages there is a tinge of excitement in anticipation of the Winter Wonderland predicted to greet us in the morning hours. We know what we will be wearing for our Snow Day, pajamas of course, but what will we be watching? Here are a few ideas:

Back to the Future

Who doesn’t love this classic movie in which Michael J. Fox goes back in time in his DeLorean time machine? (Hellloooo, McFly!) It’s a feel good movie and an all-time favorite rainy day go-to. There are actually two sequels, but the first one is really the best.

Home Alone

A classic wintertime movie that charms and entertains every single time. Who doesn’t need a little “Christmas” even if it’s March?

Happy Feet

To get into the spirit of the day, what’s better than heading to Antartica for some penguin tap dancing?

Toy Story

If you don’t know Toy Story, it’s a touching family movie about a boy named Andy and his toys, that’s well loved across generations. Action figure Buzz Lightyear and Woody the cowboy steal the show, in addition to Mr. Potato Head! What makes us watch this movie over and over? It’s a sweet story and even after many years, the animation is still really cool. And like Back to the Future, it’s a trilogy, so a perfect choice for a rainy Saturday movie marathon!

Wedding Crashers

Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson play two womanizing friends who regularly “crash” weddings to pick up girls. All is well and good until one of them actually falls for one of their conquests (played by Rachel McAdams). This movie is totally entertaining. There are so many funny lines which makes it one you have to watch again!


This is a great story about a chef (played by Jon Favreau) who looses his job in a restaurant and decides to start up his own food truck, and bonds with his son along the way.  Super cast and a totally charming movie. (On Netflix)

Notting Hill

You’ve probably seen it more than once, but Notting Hill is one of those movies to watch again and again. A British romantic comedy about a bookseller (Hugh Grant) who falls in love with a famous American actress (Julia Roberts). Funny and sweet. (On Netflix)

Hector and the Search for Happiness

A charming story about Hector, a psychiatrist who sets out on a journey to find out what really makes people happy. Lighthearted and fun, and will make you think!  Watch the trailer here. (On Netflix)

You’ve Got Mail

Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan totally make this movie, which takes place back in the AOL days. We love Meg Ryan’s adorable pajama scenes, and of course, can’t beat the happy ending.

Something’s Gotta Give

Diane Keaton, Jack Nicholson and Amanda Peet? Plus, scenes from a gorgeous East Hampton beach house and Paris. Need we say more? This love story will make you laugh, and you’ll love the sweet ending.

Uncle Buck

John Candy, enough said.

Legally Blonde

Elle Woods, played by Reese Witherspoon, breaks up with her boyfriend and decides to follow him to law school and get him back. Yes, totally silly, but equally charming. (On Netflix)

What are your favorite Snow Day movies? Share with us in the comments below!

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Some Days We Just Want To Hibernate

Winter hibernation of animalsBy Ellie Badanes, The Pajama Company

Ever have one of those days when you just want to curl up, shut out the noise and hibernate?  After the frantic holiday season, the short days of winter seem to have settled in and made us embrace the quiet. Given that it’s now Friday afternoon with darkness looming, a weekend hibernation seems just right. Here’s our do list for our hibernation:

    * Cozy pajamas of course are a must
    * The perfect couch, chair or bed just right for curling up
    * Your favorite chunky blanket or duvet and fluffy pillows
    * Light music to help you drift off is always nice for hibernating, be it jazz, spa, nature sounds or whatever you find relaxing
    * The real goal for hibernating is sleep but catching up on that book you’ve been meaning to start or finish or the stack of magazines you love will fill in the awake moments nicely


Here is our don’t list for our hibernation:

    * The point of hibernating is to block out what’s happening in the world. Just for a weekend, consider unplugging.
    * No need to grab the hat and coat this weekend because you’re staying in. The beloved “Pajama Weekend” is here.
    *Can you hibernate with someone? We think yes but sleep rules the day. Quiet is Queen.

One of the benefits of hibernating is the joy of solitude. Our reading recommendation for this post is Quiet by Susan Cain. Check out her Quiet Revolution blog here.

“Solitude matters, and for some people, it’s the air they breathe.” (Susan Cain)

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Help Make Childbirth and Pregnancy Safe With Your Holiday Shopping


By Ellie Badanes, Founder & CEO, The Pajama Company

As an important member of The Pajama Company community, we wanted to let you know about something close to our heart. 

Every two minutes, one woman dies due to complications related to childbirth or pregnancy. But 98% of those deaths are preventable. These preventable deaths are happening everyday around the world, and believe it or not, here in the United States.

In 2011, this startling statistic led us to make an unprecedented decision at The Pajama Company. We knew pajamas could be about more than a lazy day at home (though we all need those, too). Pajamas give us comfort and a feeling of safety. It’s a feeling those of us fortunate to live in safe places with access to excellent health care take for granted. We wanted to use our pajamas to help more women feel that comfort around the world.

So we began our partnership with Every Mother Counts, an advocacy and mobilization campaign to increase education and support for maternal and child health. Thanks to all of you, we’ve helped raise awareness about the serious dangers too many women still face in pregnancy and child birth. Thanks to all of you, we’ve contributed to programs helping women around the world to have better outcomes.

Through their work, Every Mother Counts has impacted the lives of more than 500,000 women. This includes providing healthcare to 50,000 mothers and children in Haiti and helping more than 90,000 mothers reach quality healthcare in Uganda.

But their work is not only focused abroad. The United States is one of only 13 countries where maternal mortality is on the rise. Every Mother Counts is working to help low income women in the U.S. access childbirth education and prenatal care.

As a mother, I started The Pajama Company, to bring comfort to families and celebrate those moments when we are home with our loved ones. I know many of you are mothers, too. Becoming a mother can bring so much joy to life, it should not threaten life.


You can help us continue to support their important efforts through your holiday shopping today. Today, Giving Tuesday, we’re donating 10% of all our pajama sales to Every Mother Counts.

We hope you will continue with us in our support of mothers around the world. Read more about maternal mortality on our website, and learn more about the issue at EveryMotherCounts.org. Make your pajama purchases count for a little more by shopping with us on Maternal Health Monday (today) and tell your friends about it on Facebook and Twitter.

From one mother to another, let’s remember that all moms count.


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Celebrate Halloween in Pajamas

Halloween Jack o Lantern pail with spilling candy, above view on a rustic wood background

We think creating a costume out of pajamas is one of the best ways to enjoy Halloween.


Well, because whether you’re going to a party, trick-or-treating, or giving out candy at your door, you get to be dressed up for the occasion while still warm and cozy. Sounds good, right? Think about it – how many costumes have you worn that were uncomfortable or left you freezing cold?

We also love pajama costumes because you can either use PJs you already have, or buy a new pair that you can accessorize and wear for Halloween, and then wear as pajamas later.  How great is that?!

We have SO MANY fun costume ideas for you!


Be BBQ Dad wearing these pajama pants with a Chef’s hat, spatula and a tray of hot dogs!


shirt template

Be a Crazy Cat Lady wearing one of our fun “Cat Person” nightshirts with a basket of cat toys and cat food.


Be a College Student wearing one of our cozy flannel pajama pants with college tee a hoodie. Carry a laptop, backpack and coffee cup.


Be a Grandma or Grandpa wearing our popular “FlapJacks” for kids and adults. Combine this vintage union suit with a wig, beard, cane and glasses.


Be a Football Tailgating Fan wearing our Men’s “Football” pajama pant with team jersey, tee or sweatshirt. Have tumbler glass in hand and bag of chips with dip.


Be a Hipster wearing one of our classic pj pants rolled up at the ankle with fitted sweater or tee shirt, scarf, glasses and slouchy wool beanie.

Check out more ideas at our round up here:

Turn Your Pajamas into an Awesome Halloween Costume

More Pajama Halloween Costume Ideas

14 Ways to Turn Your Pajamas into a Halloween Costume

Pajama Halloween

pajama halloween

Use any of these ideas? Have you created your own pajama costumes?  We want to hear about it!  Tell us in the comments below or send us a photo at info@thepajamacompany.com.

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A Case of “Fall Fever”


We’ve got a case of “Fall Fever” here at The Pajama Company. We love being cozy and warm in pajamas when there is a chill in the air. We heard that  August 2016 was the warmest August in 136 years and now that it’s mid September, please let’s have a random leaf fall. We’re dreaming tonight of pumpkins, fires and hot apple cider. We’re dreaming of wearing our footy pajamas again and our flannels with socks and sweaters. A hayride sounds very inviting right now don’t you think? Do we love Summer? Yes, yes we do but now curling up by the fire sounds pretty nice! It’s time to start thinking about that just right pumpkin carving and the fun of visiting the pumpkin patch. In case you’re experiencing a little “Fall Fever” of your own, we’ve got a few ideas that just might help.

1. Start Planning The Perfect Halloween Costume

Of course we think the best and easiest costumes are created with pajamas. Our lightweight cotton FlapJacks are loved by our customers all year around. We suggest putting on your red “Bear Bottom” FlapJacks with a white or grey beard and an old hat and you’re Great Grandpa.

Bear Bottom FlapJacks $48

Bear Bottom FlapJacks $48

Our white Footies and a gold crown makes you Max from Where The Wild Things Are

Big Feet Jersey Footy $44

Big Feet Jersey Footy $44

2. Have a “Pie Party” and try out some fall favorites. 


3.  Pretend it’s a “Snow Day” and stay inside all day doing what you love!

Snow day

4. Because Football Season has begun have a Tailgate Party at home or at the game


5.  Jump in bed early tonight and dream of Fall

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Dorm Sweet Dorm

Campus creative sign

With “Move In” day behind you or right around the corner, we’ve got you covered with dorm room essentials. What does every student need for late night study session or binge TV watching? Pajamas, of course. Here are a few of our dorm room style favorites.


Dorm Pajama Style

Caribbean Crush $28

Caribbean Crush $28

White Buffalo Check Flannel $28

White Buffalo Check Flannel $28

And for those late nights when there is a chill in the air


Kashwere Super Soft Robe in Slate $135


Kashwere Super Soft Robe in Creme $135

Tiger Slippers $24

Tiger Slippers $24

Owl Slippers $24

Owl Slippers $24

And a special place to rest your head

facebook pillow $28

facebook pillow $28

A few years ago, we had a “Pajama Reporter” working her dorm floor for us. She found how her friends were rockin’ their pj style at American University in this video on our You Tube Channel

We wish students a successful year at school with many successes and some pajama moments with new friends. 

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