Turn Your Pajamas into an Awesome Halloween Costume!

Halloween is right around the corner and we just love the idea of turning our warm and cozy PJs into a clever Halloween costume. The best part? You can enjoy your PJs long after Halloween is over!

Here are some fun ideas:

Big Kid

Wear a pair of colorful footie PJs, carry a teddy bear and suck your thumb, and you’re a big kid!


The Crazy Cat Lady

Put on our Sleeps with Cats nightshirt, wrap yourself in a robe with plush cats pinned all over, and carry a kitty litter scoop. You are so the crazy cat lady!

Deep Woods Hunter

Wear our camouflage fleece footies with a camo hat and a bright orange vest.


A Cow

Pair our cow pattern PJ pants with a white t-shirt with pink fabric udders attached.

Bunny Rabbit

Hop into a pair of pink plush hooded footie pjs.  Add a white cotton tail to the back and bunny ears to the hood, and you’re an adorable, huggable rabbit!


Preppy Skipper Captain

Wear our sailboat pj pants with boat shoes, a polo shirt, and a sweater tied around your neck.  And, don’t forget your captain’s hat!

Garden Gnome


Put a wide black belt around the waist of our aqua footies.  Top it off with a white beard and eyebrow’s and read cone hat!

We’ll be back next week with even more pajama costume ideas.  In the mean time, check this post for some of our past ideas.

Photo Credit: Denis Collette…!!! via Compfight cc

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Fall Pajama Reading List

“Outside of a dog, a book is man’s best friend. Inside of a dog it’s too dark to read.”

-Groucho Marx

I don’t know about you, but falling leaves, golden light, and cooler temps just make me want to curl up with a cup of tea and get lost in a great book!  Here are the books making the top of our fall reading list…

First, here’s a book recommendation, from Ellie, our very own President and Founder:

Phantom Instinct by Meg Gardiner

There is nothing better than starting a book you simply cannot put down. My favorite writer extraordinaire of thrillers is my friend Meg Gardiner. Her latest book, out this past summer, “Phantom Instinct” appeared on the “Best Books of Summer” for O Magazine. The Associated Press said this about “Phantom Instinct”:

“’Phantom Instinct’ is simply a fantastic story, told at breakneck speed. Gardiner is one of the best thriller writers around, and this is arguably her best work yet. ‘Phantom Instinct’ is full of action and surprises and a few new twists… Gardiner’s latest stand-alone is one of this summer’s best reads.” Associated Press

The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt

Initially I was intimidated by the 775 page count and somewhat mixed reviews, by I really loved this book.  I was pulled in by Theo the main character and found the plot very intriguing, from the tragic death of his mother through an unusual journey of relationships, trauma, guilt, and crime – all with the Goldfinch interwoven.

Sister by Rosamund Lupton

When her pregnant sister Tess goes missing and eventually found dead, Bee does everything she can to get to the bottom of what really happened to her sister.  A page-turning thriller!

The Husband’s Secret by Liane Moriarty

Set in Australia, this was a great story about three women who’s lives intersect in an unexpected way – with a secret that changes them all. This is a puzzle of a story and I found it interesting and suspenseful. Looking forward to reading more from this author!

Magic Hour by Kristen Hannah

This is a  heartwarming and surprising tale of a young, feral girl who is found abandoned in a tree in the town of Rain Valley, in the Pacific Northwest, and the psychiatrist to cares for her.  A good story!

What’s on your reading list this fall?  Tell us in the comments below…

Photo Credit: cindiann via Compfight cc

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Pajama Food: Comfort Food

After a long day…maybe a particularly chilly day or a rough day at the office… sometimes all you want to do is get in your PJs and enjoy something really delicious.  Warm, hearty, stick-to-your ribs comfort food has a way of making all your cares fall away.

Here’s our round-up of yummy pajama-worthy recipes we’ll be indulging in this fall…dive in!

Creamy Tomato Soup with Grilled Cheese Croutons from Damn Delicious

Sloppy Joe Grilled Cheese from The Recipe Rebel

Chicken Noodle Soup from Tyler Florence

Pot Pie from The Pioneer Woman

Loaded Shepherd’s Pie from The Midnight Baker

Perfect Macaroni & Cheese from Martha Stewart

Sausage and Lentil Soup from My Baking Addiction

Shrimp and Grits from Bobby Flay

Or what about breakfast for dinner? We’ve got you covered here and here.

What is your go-to comfort food?  Share with us in the comments below!

Photo Credit: Nomadic Lass via Compfight cc

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10 Signs You’re a Homebody!

1. Your couch bears the permanent indentation of your body.

2. You just binge watched a whole season of House of Cards and you’re just coming back to life.

3. You curiously note that you replace your pajamas much more often than your jeans.

4. You’re on a first name basis with the Thai food delivery guy and you’re pretty sure he’s expecting a Christmas gift.

5. Your idea of the perfect night out is catching the early-bird special so you can come home after and immediately get in your PJs!

6. Books, books, books!  Need we say more?

7. Your friends call you the Imelda Marcos of slippers.

8. Snow day? No problem. Your pantry and fridge are already stocked to feed you for weeks on end!

9. When a friend calls to cancel plans, you’re not mad at all. In fact you feel like you just won the lottery!

10. Your motto: pajamas + wine = happiness.

Photo credit: ashleyg via etsy.

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Pajama Spotlight: David & Goliath


Who They Are

This oh so trendy company’s motto is to “have fun and make people laugh”.  David & Goliath  originated the “stupid factory” where the stupidest and funniest products on the planet are made!

David & Goliath was founded in 2000 by Todd Goldman. He started with a T-shirt line quickly expanded into hundreds of products including sleepwear, fashion accessories, and stationary – all with their unique nix of attitude and sense of humor.

Why We Love Them

At The Pajama Company, we’re firm believers that pajamas are just for you!  They’re meant to reflect your personality and your sense of fun and relaxation.  David & Goliath’s combination of silly designs and cozy cottons are a great way to express your sense of humor, feel comfortable, and remember not to take life so seriously!

We are happy to bring you their pajama pants in 100% cotton jersey which come in junior sizes and super fun designs…


David & Goliath


David & Goliath

Come to the Dark Side

David & Goliath


David & Goliath

I Love Moo

Shop our entire David & Goliath collection here!

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How to Start the Day off Right

start your dayHave you ever noticed how much better your whole day is when it starts out right?

Instead of rushing around, trying to find your car keys or your other shoe, you feel relaxed and ready for the day.  Rather than skipping breakfast at home and grabbing something on the go, you actually have time to eat and enjoy something healthy.

There are a couple of little things you can do daily to lay the foundation of a good day. Putting a few small habits in place can make a world of difference…

Do a Little Night Before Prep

Doing a few things to get ready the night before can really help to make your morning go more smoothly.  Here are a few suggestions:

– Cue the coffee pot to brew upon your wake up time.

– Plan what you’re going to wear and lay out everything you need to get dressed, including shoes!

– Take a look at your to do list.  Decide: what are the top 3 priorities you can commit to for the coming day?

– Gather what you need by the door – wallet, keys, purse, work bag, etc.  If you can’t find something, now is the time to go chase it! 🙂

Eat a Good Breakfast

Breakfast gets you going in the morning, so give yourself the time to make a decent one and to actually enjoy it!  Here are 16 Quick Breakfast Ideas to get you started.

Enjoy 10 Minutes of Solitude

Take at least 10 minutes out of your day to relax.  Read a chapter or passage from an inspirational book.  Simply sit in the quiet and sip your coffee or tea.  Meditate. The point is to give your self a few minutes to get centered.  Once you’ve done this, it’s much easier to bring yourself back to a more peaceful state of mind later in the day.

Decide How You Want to Feel

This is my favorite. Yup, that’s right, you get to decide how you want your day to feel, and it’s really very simple.  How do you see your day going? Do you want to feel connected to friends or coworkers?  Do you want to feel inspired?  Do you want to feel joyful?  Once you know how you want to feel, ask yourself what 2 things you can do that day to specifically connect to that feeling.  For example, if you want to feel connected at work, maybe you share a new idea in the morning meeting, or invite a new colleague out to lunch, or make a point to ask your boss about her kid’s soccer game.

Now it’s your turn: what are your favorite ways to start the day off right?  Share below!

Photo Credit: Parvin ?( OFF for a while ) via Compfight cc

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Falling for Flannel!

Time to get cozy! Now through Friday, we’re welcoming the fall season with a 20% off sale on all warm flannel PJs! Use code HAPPYFALL at checkout. Shop all of our flannels here!

Here’s a look at some of our favorite new styles:

Flannel Pants for Her…

Hatley Nature – Moose Stripe

Boxercraft – Navy Polka Dot

Boxercraft – Pacific Surf

Flannel Pants for Him…



The Cat’s Pajamas – Sushi

Boxercraft – Sky Blue Plaid

The Cat’s Pajamas – Happy Hour

Big Feet Footies for Adults…

Big Feet – Yellow & Pink Plaid

Big Feet – Navy Plaid

Pajama Sets…

Munki Munki – Marching Elephants

bSoft – Floral Dottie

The Cat’s Pajamas – Polar Bear

Happy Fall!

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Five for Friday: Pajama Movie Night

Fall weekends mean cozy nights home with tasty snacks and a great movie!

Salted Caramel Popcorn // Cookies & Cups

Boxercraft Plaid Flannel Blanket // The Pajama Company

Nutella Hot Chocolate with Hazelnut Liqueur // Saveur*

The Greatest 100 Movies of All Time // AMC

PJ Salvage Navy Dot // The Pajama Company

*Photo credit: Credit: Maxime Iattoni

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Pajama Food: Waffles

“All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast.” – John Gunther

What’s a lazy PJ-clad Saturday or Sunday morning without a delicious and leisurely breakfast, right?

Cue up the coffee pot and heat up the syrup…today we’re talking waffles!  Waffles are so tasty with their crisp outside and chewy inside and nooks and crannies filled with syrup…fruit…butter…chocolate…whatever you love!  Is your mouth watering yet?

We’ve rounded up some awesome recipes to share with you!

Banana Bread Waffles from Mother Thyme

Belgian Cookie Dough Waffles from Dine & Dish

Dark Chocolate Waffles from I Bake He Shoots

Maple Bacon Waffles from Ashlee Marie

Churro Waffles from Chica Chocolatina

Vanilla Bean Blueberry Waffles by Something Swanky

Craving savory?  Joy the Baker has taken waffles to the next level with her Mashed Potato, Cheddar and Chive Waffles…perfect for a pajama movie night! Yum…

What’s your favorite way to eat waffles?  Tell us all about it in the comments below.

Photo Credit: m01229 via Compfight cc

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