6 Ways to Everyday Relaxation

Relaxation isn’t something that should happen only when you’re on vacation. Ideally you should find time to relax each day – to reduce stress, lower your heart rate, quiet your mind, and to just plain ole’ feel good…as we like to say!

A great way to make sure you relax each day is to plan it out ahead of time.  A week ahead works really well: each Sunday take a few minutes a decide what you’ll do each day for the next week to relax, and when you’ll do it.

On days when you have more time, do something more involved like taking a long hike or going to the beach.  And on really busy days, squeeze in some time for something easier but equally calming.

Here are some relaxation ideas to add to your week:

1. Take a quiet walk.  

Get out and listen to the birds and the sounds of nature.  Even if you don’t have trees or green space around you, being present and tuning into whatever surroundings you find yourself in – even the sounds of the city – can be incredibly relaxing.

2. Breathe.

Yes, so very simple.  Sit for a few minutes and take several slow, deep breaths.  We tend to breath in slower, shorter breaths when we are stressed out.  So taking deeper breaths, you’ll find youself feeling much more grounded and centered even after just a few minutes.

3. Take a cat nap.

It’s no secret that we think naps rule! Getting in a quick little cat nap is a fantastic way to unwind and de-stress.  We wrote all about naps here.

4. Sit and do nothing.  

Find a quiet, soothing place.  A comfortable chair, or maybe a swing or hammock.  Sit for at least 5 minutes in silence, with no phone or other distractions.

5. Get a massage.

Not only do massages feel great, but they also help your body to rest and rejuvinate.  Regular massage therapy lowers stress levels, relaxes your muscles, decreases blood pressure, increases flexibility – and the list of benefits goes on!  We think it’s the perfect execuse to treat yourself…

6. Take a bath.

Soaking in a hot bath is a really easy way to ease tension and relax.  It’s a great way to calm yourself before bed.  Add some soothing music, a candle, and some aromatherapy, and create a little mini-spa experience right in your own home!

Photo Credit: caiteesmith photography. via Compfight cc

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5 Essentials to Make Your Dorm Room Extra Cozy

Let’s face it, the basic dorm room can be a bit dreary and really not so cozy.  So before you head off to college, we want to make sure you have the essentials for a comfy-cozy dorm room!

Here are 5 essentials to make your dorm room extra cozy:

1. Bedding

Comfortable sheets, blankets, and a comforter are essential, of course!  Be sure to pick cotton sheets that are soft and not stiff. You’ll thank yourself during those late night study sessions.

And here’s a tip: check with your school to see if what size bed will be in your room.  Many college dorms have extra-long twin beds.

We love this cheery bedding, this beautiful quilt, and this cozy blanket.

2. Slippers

Warm slippers are a must have to keep your toes toasty all year!  We looooove these frog slippers you can microwave for even more heat, and these owl slipper socks.

3. An Extra Throw Blanket

You never know if you’ll have a drafty room sonAn extra blanket will always come in handy for warmth or just a quick nap. We’re loving this fleece striped one!

4. Robe

Whether you have your own bathroom or you have to use a shared one, you will want a great robe. You’ll stay super toasty in this robe, or this fluffy one!

5. Pajamas

Of course, several sets of pajamas are a must have for college, because let’s be honest, you won’t be doing laundry that often! Pick a few pajama sets or pair PJ pants or boxers with your favorite t-shirts and sweat shirts.

Here are our picks: these cute PJ pants, this cupcake pajama set, and these adorable boxers!

Image: BohemianDolls via Flickr

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How to Make Homemade Donuts

There’s nothing quite like a warm donut right from the oven.  And, if you can eat and enjoy your delicious treat in the cozy comfort of your home –  and PJs –  all the better, right?

We think so – that’s why we are fans of making donuts at home! Mmmmmmm…

And the cool thing is your possibilities are endless…cinnamon and sugar, jelly, glazed, chocolate, the list goes on…

Check out these tasty donut recipes for inspiration…enjoy!

The Classics

Classic Glazed Donuts

Boston Cream Donuts

Chocolate Frosted Donuts

Baked Cinnamon & Sugar Donuts

Powdered Sugar Donut Holes

Glazed Chocolate Donuts

Creative Flavors

Coconut Donuts

Coffee-Glazed Donuts

S’mores Donuts

Chocolate Peanut Butter Glazed Donuts

Coffee Cake Donuts

Cookie Dough Donuts

Cream Puff Donuts

Photo Credit: Jodimichelle via Compfight cc

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