Footies, Flannels & FlapJacks, oh my!

We know it’s a hot summer day out there, but we’re heating it up even more with Christmas in July!

Free shipping (UPS ground) on all Flapjacks, Flannels & Footies now thru Sun, July 26th at 12 midnight PST.  Enter SUMMERXMAS at checkout!


We call it a gift to your winter self.  Picture it: it’s the first cool day in early winter.  You’re sitting there about to pull up the next episode of your favorite series on Netflix and enjoy some delicious popcorn, but you notice you’re feeling a little chilly.  And then it hits you: you remember that new pair of cozy, cute & warm PJs you bought back in July just for this moment…


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How to Feel Good

You deserve to feel good.  It’s a simple idea really, but one that can get overlooked in the midst of everyday life.

The Pajama Company was founded because we love to make people happy and help them feel good. Of course, we think one of the best feel-good pleasures in life is relaxing in your favorite jammies.

But, there are lots of other ways to add more “feel-good” to your life.  So today we’re sharing some of our favorites…

1. Have designated “Me” time.  Put some time aside just for you where you can do just what you want to do.  Maybe it’s time to relax, go out and meet up with friends, or get a massage.  The idea is that it’s all about you.

2. Take walks.  Whether you work in an office or from home, movement during the day can really help you to feel refreshed.

3. Treat yourself to something beautiful.  A bunch of fresh flowers.  A beautiful new bracelet.  A gorgeous journal.  Surrounding yourself with beautiful and meaningful things will go a long way in boosting your good mood!

4. Engage in regular random acts of kindness. Here are 10 easy ways we’ve shared to spread kindness.

5. Take a nap.  Feeling sluggish or groggy?  Even just a 15 minute power nap can work wonders!

6. Wear something you love.  Nothing helps you to feel good than wearing something you love and that you know you look good in. Make a point to dress in your favorites each day!

Now over to you…what do you add to your everyday life to feel good?

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Pajama Spotlight: bSoft

We love our line of bSoft women’s pajamas because of their versatility: they keep you cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.  The fabric, made of a mix of viscose and bamboo, is soft and snuggly and feels a lot like a luxurious cashmere or silk.  Bamboo is also great because it wicks moisture away from the skin, and is anti-microbial – the perfect fabric for the allergy sensitive.

We carry these PJs in beautiful prints as well as classic solids!


SHORTS SET – Click here to view all shorts set prints.

 bSoft “Pink Seashells” Jersey Pajama Shorts Set 


CAPRI SET – Click here to view all capri set prints.


bSoft Solid Black Jersey Pajama Capri Set


ROBE – Click here to view all robe prints.

bSoft “Blue Seashells” 3/4 Sleeve Jersey Robe


LOUNGER – Click here to view all lounger prints.

bSoft “Cherry Blossom Baubles” Pink Jersey Lounger


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Popcorn & PJs

We talk a lot about pajama food around here – basically the foods we love to enjoy while hanging around in our PJs after a long day at work, during one of our Pajama Days, movie nights, etc.

And popcorn is no exception!  So today we’re sharing our very favorite recipes for delicious popcorn.   Enjoy!

1. Coconut Oil Popcorn – So simple and healthy and it tastes so delicious, it will be come your go-to recipe!  You don’t even need butter.

2. Cake Batter Popcorn – This is a great one if you’re craving sweet and crunchy!

3. Sriracha Popcorn – A spicy option…

4. Caramel Marshmallow Popcorn – Sweet & yummy!

5. Garlic Rosemary Popcorn – Buttery & fresh.

6. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Popcorn – This one is surprisingly easy to make!

7. Potato Chip Pretzel Caramel Corn – Heavenly…

8. Red Hot Popcorn – Love red hot candies?  You’ll love this one!

9. Taco Popcorn – Healthy with lots of flavor.

10. Cookies & Cream Popcorn – Have your Oreos and your popcorn too!

Have a favorite popcorn recipe of your own?  Share with us below!

Photo Credit: Steve Snodgrass via Compfight cc

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10 Things you don’t know about pajamas

We might wear our PJs every day, but how much do you really know about them?

1. Coco Chanel introduced lounging pajamas in the 20’s and revolutionlized pajamas for women.  After that, they became a totally acceptable and fashionable alternative to the traditional long nightshirt.

2. People in Africa and South Asia call their PJs “night suits”.

3. The traditional pajama set of a jacket-style shirt and pants came through Britian, but orginated from Muslims in India.

4. Before 1950, it was common for pajamas to have a drop seat to make it easy to use the the bathroom.  We see this feature on our Flapjacks as a novelty, but who knew it was a regular thing?

5. In Japan, it’s totally acceptable to wear a set of silk PJs out in the day or evening!

6. The World’s Largest Footed Pajama Party was held in Austin, Texas on March 11, 2012 where 309 adults were dressed in their footies and broke the Guiness World Record.

7. In eastern China, it is not unusual in the late afternoon or evening, for adults to wear their pajamas in public around their local neighborhood.

8. It’s thought that footed pajamas came about to protect people’s feet from bed bugs and termites.  Eek!

9. In the roaring 20’s high society men and women would wear their PJs to the beach.

10. Nightcaps were popular to wear to bed in the 19th century.  The were intended to keep people’s heads warm, but got their long pointy shape so that they were long enough to wear as a scarf, but not long enough to pose a choking hazard.

Who knew?!


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What you need for your summer staycation

Sometimes the most relaxing kind of vacation is when you have absolutely no where to go.  No bags to pack.  No itinerary to follow. No plane to catch.  Just time to veg out and enjoy being.

Instead of jetting off to some other destination a summer staycation – a vacation at home – can be just what you need.  And with a little advance planning your staycation can be relaxing and fun and just as good as a trip away.

Here are some tips and things to cosider when planning your summer staycation:


Chances are you’ll spend a lot of time just chilling out on your staycation, and you’ll want some entertainment, so gather what you think you’ll want:

– A stack of good books.

– Favorite movies.

– Craft projects.

– Games you may want to play.


Why not try out something you’ve always wanted to do or been meaning to do during your staycation?

– Camp in your own back yard.

– Go to the water park.

– Visit a neighboring town.

– Be a tourist in your own city.  Explore museums, the zoo, or aquarium.

– Have a neighborhood block party.

– Find a drive in movie theater or outdoor film festival.

– Host a family reunion.

– Go tubing!


It’s probably a good idea to plan out your meals ahead of time.  That way you won’t have to spend your precious time at the grocery store or deciding what to do for dinner.

If you’re into cooking, decide what you’ll cook when and get everything you need. Not a cook?  Stock up on snacks and treats and make sure you have plenty of take out menus on hand.

You also may want to make reservtions ahead of time at your favorite restaurants!

The key is to make some plans ahead of time so you can enjoy your time off at home.  And remember, no cleaning or household chores are alowed!  This is time for pure relaxation and fun, just as if you were off in some other place!

Photo Credit: via Compfight cc


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